Lighting The Future

- Ten visions of the future benefits -

1) They allow you to detach from false beliefs that postpone living the vision.

2) They create a frame or path through the unknown which limits uncertainty and anxiety.

3) They tether the future in this moment so you catch up (climb into the hot air balloon)

4) They reveal that playing the game of linear time is an important teaching tooL.

5) They show every choice you make that brings you closer to a desired vision is a good move.

6) They keep your focal point (energy) directed in meaningful ways

7) They show you the more you trust the universe, the closer you are to living the dream.

8) They demonstrate speaking your truth expedites aligning vision with holographic reality.

9) They remind you that you cannot blame the unconscious for lies you tell yourself.

10) They empower you to live your best life moment-to-moment.

Stretch Yourself

By stretching yourself beyond your perceived level of confidence you accelerate your development of competence. You grow and gain from what you do not know, not from living as if you already know.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. Stretching yourself is about trusting intuition. Its about no longer saying " I can't " but identifying core beliefs which translate into resistance, fear and low self-worth that block the dream. 

Its common practice to listen with the intend to reply rather than with the intention to understand. Watch your perception and reality shift as you repeatedly ask, what opportunity or lesson is this encounter bringing me ? If you do not listen or hear yourself, you do not do this effectively with others.

Feel The Harmony

Imagine the feeling of pushing against (or resisting) nothing. Imagine asking for what matters to you and experiencing that very thing. Feel the harmony, the validation and uplifting lightness of being that flows. Step back and realize that regardless of what the logical mind and physical senses tell you reality is at this moment, something beyond that echoes struggle and doubt are unfounded. Access your unwavering faith and trust. Talk about what you want.  Feel the freedom you crave. Be the very thing you dream about. Know it is here,  sense relief and gratitude. Invite it into being with love. Believe it exists and so it is.