Know Thyself

By practicing awareness we may grow acutely aware of grief, fears, loss, anger, physical pain, emotional pain and energetic imbalances. Many people have heard of the unconscious mind but you may not be aware of the difference between conscious and unconscious awareness and how unconscious awareness plays out in your body. What if growing aware can improve your health and be a turning point for positive change ?

  There are periods or situations in our lives when we feel unsafe or unloved. We may hold onto emotional pain for many years, if not lifetimes, until we are ready to address those feelings. By growing aware of the emotional body and allowing it space to communicate, we gain insight into ourselves and opportunity to heal past or ongoing wounding. 

Being present to painful or uncomfortable emotions does not mean acting them out in harmful ways. Rather, awareness and related meditation practices allow us to be present with and feel these emotions. To get the most out of life, we are invited to love, accept and integrate all of ourselves. 

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Think Big

The Power Of Thinking Big Can Transform Your Life

How many people you know have a really strong desire and motivation ?
You probably have dreams of a better and more successful life. However, if you don’t believe you can achieve this kind of life, you neutralize any positive thoughts you might have.

Thinking big needs to be constantly in your mind if you want to achieve bigger things. Always ask yourself how to think big, and then how to think bigger. Read books about people who learned how to think big. Start thinking about bigger goals, and expect them to come true. Gradually, Situations in your life would improve and change for the better.

It takes the same time and the same effort to think big or to think small. So why not think even just a little bigger. Fear and lack of self-esteem keeps you thinking small and not expecting much. For this to happen, you need the faith that you can succeed. You need to adopt a positive attitude and take positive action. You can achieve more by starting to think big, expecting bigger results, and believing you can achieve whatever you set your mind to do. The power of thinking big can become a part of your life.

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What Is Love

What is love ? This question has been asked so many times and yet everyone you may have asked have most likely had a completely different answer. In truth, love is just a word. It’s a word every single person defines on their own. It’s an abstraction and just as with many other emotions, no one can really claim to know the single true meaning of it.

That being said, it is hard for me to understand why do we so often try to judge other people’s perception of love. Too often do we hear others telling us that we do not know what true love is, we haven’t been through what they have been, it’s impossible to fall in love so quickly or it’s just infatuation or desire and not true love. But how can we even know that ? To my knowledge, none of us possesses the power to get into other person’s soul and feel what they are really feeling. Why don’t we stop judging ?

There are roughly 6500 languages actively spoken in the world today. Each and every one of them is a convention and each and every one of them is somehow distinct. There are so many instances of words that exist in one language and do not in the other. It’s really tough to express the same emotions or literally translate from one language to another. And yet, we even use words in order to express things we believe that words cannot express. We have gone as far as to invent words and expressions that mean just that – inexplicable, ineffable, indescribable, beyond words.

Let us not forget that these are just invented tools (and not the only ones we possess) that were supposed to help us communicate more clearly with each other, even though so often they are the exact cause of misunderstandings between people. Let us use these tools wisely and even if just for a moment, remind ourselves of all the other means of communication and expression that we have. 

Think of all the ways you can communicate things to other people around you without using words. Simply freeze the moment and try to feel what you are feeling without trying to put these emotions into words. Doesn’t it feel liberating ?

If you haven’t done it for a long while, being silent and free of thoughts can at first feel scary and weird. However, this is our true nature. This is where we get back to our core. The soul does not speak words. Once you listen and reconnect with your true spirit, you will find all the answers you may have been looking for. They are all there – in silence.

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