10 2019 Revelations

This moment invites a new level of reflection. Certain ah-ha moments arise within. Ponder the implications of these 10 2019 revelations.

1. Remembering who you are.
Self-realisation is reaching that place where you know you are not your body, not the mind, not your emotions, not that which changes with time. You are the soul, If you take away what you are aware of, you are still aware this is not there. Take away awareness and the light goes out.

2. Growing aware of the power of the psyche.
The moment the psyche drops into the body is not necessarily as the result of traumatic events in childhood. This moment is so powerful, that it pulls our consciousness fully and instantaneously into the limiting experience. We forget who we are (infinite) because we are busy paying attention to the object of who we are instead of the source of consciousness. The more intense the emotions, the more powerful an experience feels, the more distracting it is. When we drop into the body, consciousness is immediately distracted by senses, sounds. Discomfort arises due to an imagined loss of self. However some beings do not drop into the body completely. They struggle with grounding in this world, staying linked to Source.

3. Creating the self concept.
We define a world inside ourselves that supports our self concept. Our identity does not develop, but we create it to soften the blow, to distract ourselves from pain of perceived loss of Self. We each pull the self concept around ourselves, like wool over the eyes, embellish it with the idea that it protects us from deeper pain. Discomfort prompts each of us to grasp hold of labels and things to define us and enable us to feel more at ease with ideas of who we are in the environment we are living in. The lost Self attempts to redefine itself.  

4. Changing self -definitions.
Throughout our lives, we latch onto experiences to define us. Ego is this masquerading self we pull over our consciousness. We reflect on our curriculum vitae or accomplishments for instance, or label ourselves based on a series of changing relationships (i.e. friend, single, married, divorced, parent, widowed, ect.) We define ourselves by changing conditions and relationships to orient ourselves in an ever-changing reality that only exists in the mind.

5. Feeling driven by fear. 
Regardless of what we think we achieve, the false self is driven by fear of rejection, fear of being found out, fear of our self-created 'safe' realities falling apart. Deep down, we do not want life to pass us by and yet, any fear that arises within is pointing to the original fear of loss of Self that happened when we took a body. We subconsciously tell ourselves that as long as we can control things the way we define them, we can feel safer and supported. Core panic unrecognized echoes attention is hijacked elsewhere than who we are.    

6. Distinguishing between core and facade.
When someone dies or leaves our lives, grief often arises. The majority of people are only ever dealing with emotion they feel related to the external world. The real grief emerging is that which you feel about the illusion of separation you feel toward source consciousness, that which is never really lost, only forgotten. As long as the predictable aspects of our realities continue, its like we have body guards and we feel secure, powerful, confident. Our masks exist to protect us from the Truth of who we are.

7. Awakening to spirituality.
Awakening to spirituality is about dealing with core Self rather than hiding from it. We are no longer duped by or lost in the masquerade. This is about working through the hurdles we create to get through the imagined fear, to deal with the fear of loss of who we are, so it ceases to occur. It is about recognizing the game we buy into, recognizing the likes and dislikes we hold dear, the unconscious judgements we make about everything that attempt to control predictable outcomes. On some level, when we feel insecure, we put loads of attention and effort into initiatives to feel loved and accepted. If we are living life to hide from Self, we never get anywhere. Notice whenever something inside is not okay, that it attempts to feel okay by manipulating and exerting control over the external world. Growing aware that attempts to control are not working is the stepping stone to realizing what you are trying to hide from and compensate for.

8. Finding True Being.
We only ever truly emerge into this world when we stop being motivated by fear and are instead inspired by Love and compassion. When our power and conditions arise from unconditional love as opposed to conditional states like changing weather, finances, economy, rejection, ect, we are powerful beyond measure.

9. Recognizing everything is shiftable.
Feelings are is shiftable. This has nothing to do with the external world. Stop looking outside to define yourself. Instead, look inward to work with yourself. Stop keeping yourself entertained, distracted so you think you are okay. Work consciously with the part of you that is bothered by external changes.

10. Being okay with reality.
This is not the false reality you have created and perpetuated much of our lives. This is not about forcing conditions and people to be or do what we want. This is about being okay with whatever is unfolding, working with it, accepting that it is for the best even if we do not yet grasp the bigger picture. We do not access our magic if we do not surrender our desire to control and see the blessings in everything. Decide to notice what is bothering us in this moment. Choose to relax amidst the discomfort. Disengage. Stop complaining or resisting or taking things personally. Stop allowing external unfoldings to disturb us. Allow the disturbance to pass through. Discomfort pass through as we leave it alone. We let go of the parts of the world we were using to define us. We honor and respect the flow of everything.

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The Inner Child In You

There is an inner child in all of us, lying dormant in a dark recess, waking to be shaken asleep. In some people, the inner child wanders, coming to the surface once in a while, during moments of pure joy.

So where does this innocent and simple side of us live ? In the heart In our very being. This is the most basic layer of our personalities, before the layers of social ideas of right and wrong, good and bad were applied onto the mind. Before all hurt, unpleasant experiences, trauma and pain, lies this innocence. Just waiting to be awakened. Thus, comes the next question. How do you awaken that inner child in you ? The secret to achieving this awakening is that your innocent and pure consciousness only considers your recognition of it within. When you see someone’s eyes light up at the remembrance of a fond memory or a favorite book, or playing with a pet, that’s their Divine spark calling to the child within them. The inner child knows the happiness of communicating with abandon, without anxiety or care of social sanction.

Think back to moments in your childhood, the unparalleled awe and the dedication towards the simplest and trivial of tasks. The joy of existence that a child feels, that has been suppressed and sent into a limbo to remain, deeper and deeper into sleep with every act of fate that has gone on to disillusion you and your hope in life as an adventure. It is time to believe again, to feel as deeply as you did as a child, without reserve, feel every event as though that’s the only way to feel, and imbibe happiness into your heart and your very bones, nudging and kindling that sparkle in your eyes and that clear ringing laugh gurgling in your throat, struggling to tumble out.

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The Power Of Blue Energy

Blue the calmest and most comforting of all the energies in the universe, blue energy is also the color of paradise. It is thought to symbolize serenity and silence. Blue is a very important color spiritually and it is a necessity if we wish to heighten our own spirituality.

-The Aura And The Importance Of Blue Energy-
The Throat or the fifth chakra is closely connected to blue. If there’s any of it present in your aura it means that your throat chakra is becoming stronger and exuding energy and well being. However if the blue isn’t clear or leans towards grey, there are issues with your chakra. People whose auras are mostly blue tend to be soothing, compassionate, intuitive and morally upright.

-A Force That Heals-
When your Throat chakra is giving you trouble or even if your aura is just mainly blue, you should use precious stones of the same color. The energies between the two will resonate and help you in the healing process. Stones like Turquoise, Sapphire, Tanzanite, and so on will be of use to you. Just ensure that you learn more about the specific purpose of each stone before you begin using them.

-Making A House A Home-
To make your house feel more comfortable and soothing, use as much blue as you can in your color scheme. If you’re someone who has a stressful job, you’ll require a peaceful place to recuperate when you get back and blue will help turn your home into that place. Use light blues in your bedrooms and nursery. Go for dark shades in the rooms where you need to get more work done.

-Restoring Your Sleep Cycle-
Insomniacs will find themselves sleeping much better if they treat themselves with blue energy. It is quick to soothe and calm people down. If you use it just before you go to bed you will find yourself in a state of peace and ready to turn in for the night.

Install a blue light in your room and put a few drops of Lavender oil and pieces of Lapis Lazuli in a bowl of water near your bed. Turn off all your other lights and keep the blue light on for about thirty minutes before you go off to sleep for this ritual to work.

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