Life Design

- The best way to predict the future is to create it -

There is a simple way to reprogram and renew the mind: close your eyes, rehearse an action, visualize it and manifest it.

When we feel better inside, we act and manifest on the outside differently. You become a creator of your world.

Same thoughts lead to same decisions, emotions and actions.

The more you become conscious, the less you drift away and get lost into your day.

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A New Chapter

Live your life today !

Be the one who explores the secret of life.

Don’t be the person carrying last minute regrets on your shoulder.

Death is inevitable and sooner or later it will come knocking on your door.

Find out your possibilities.

Erase everything you already know.

Anything is possible in nature. It happens due to the existence of Free State.

Nature does not have rules and expectations. They are all man-made theories.

The only one stopping you in you. Nobody can force you to stay in a box.

Life has a lot more in store than just what you dream of with your eyes closed.

Your culture defines your ability to completely comprehend the possibilities.

Your life condition has made you take a narrow approach to life.

Life is a boxful of limitless possibilities.

If you dedicate your heart and mind on achieving something, nobody in this world can stop you.

The definition of success completely depends on an individual and how he sees it.

For you, success can also mean fully living the present moment.

Life is more than just a loop of earning, spending and repeating.

Your mind controls everything. You can make it interesting just by thinking of adventures too.

Wanting to explore the world will have you appreciating the beauty of your current location.

Spirits strive for new experiences.

Your soul wants to see you grow. It is you who isn’t letting it.

You deceive yourself before you deceive others.

You are well aware of the fact that if you change few of your methods and outlooks, you can excel in certain fields of life.

Your biggest motivation is the challenges you face.

Challenges help you discover yourself.

New experiences can change you in numerous ways.

But those who move past this physical realm get ready for change when it is just the right time.

Deep down, you too want to cross a couple of boundaries and break a few rules.

To push your limits you first need to eliminate your fears.

You will be what you think you are.

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                                                            Rewrite Your History

                                                            Its common to feel unhappy about the way certain events have unfolded or seem to be unfolding in our lives. We adopt labels. We readily define ourselves as survivors or experiencers of pain and suffering. What if we could see beyond the pain body as a witness, rewrite our hi-story and transform our present and future on every level ? Would we do it ? Consider these three tips:
                                                            1. Change your attitude.
                                                            For things to feel stuck or uncomfortable requires two things; an event to unfold and us to feel disturbed. As we change our attitude, stop feeling powerless and take reposnsibility for how we feel, how and what we perceive changes. Our thoughts and responses to life are alterable. Imagine what happens as we view everything as a blessing and welcome whatever comes.
                                                            2. Recall reality is bigger than you.
                                                            This moment that appears to be unfolding in our midst is one of a zillion moments that do not fall within the scope of our awareness. The only thing different or special about the events in our experience is those are ones we see or refer to as focus of our attention.  Why allow a tiny speck of energy to determine who we are ?
                                                            3. Face the fear.
                                                            Patterns recur as we fear what we would be without them. Drug addicts who come off drugs generally experience withdrawal. This is a kind  of discomfort. The first course of action is to let go. If discomfort remains, we can deal with it on a deeper level. This is why it is said we must die to be reborn. 

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