Sexual Magnetism

Do you know what the key to “Sexual Magnetism” really is? It comes down to how much dark energy your willing to allow inside yourself. Energy that contains a power that literally, “hypnotizes” people all around you. There are various ways to tap into it, but it really comes down to how badly you want it. It’s like an invisible border exists, around each individual here on the earth. Some people never venture anywhere near this invisible border and lead ordinary lives. 

Some people think about being “sexually magnetic”, but don’t really understand the  power behind it. They think about physical attributes, not being the right social status, fitting in with the right crowd, whatever. Then there are some people who go out, not expecting anything, as far as meeting someone for a relationship and end up meeting someone. 

These people have programmed their minds so extensively with the desire for sex, that they've built up this constant “magnetic field ” of attraction. They most likely end up getting lucky, because at some point before they go out, they've released this desire from their minds and resigned themselves to the fact, that they probably won’t meet someone, but do. This is because they've released all intentions of getting lucky, before they go out on the town. They've forgotten about it, thereby releasing it to the Universe and allowing it to manifest for them effortlessly.

It’s the same analogy, as a sports player who hits a hot streak. He’s playing all the time, but not necessarily playing great all the time.Yet for some reason, he sometimes gets in a “zone” of success where he can’t fail. It’s the same principle. He or She has somehow let go of their attachment to succeeding. Forgotten about it for the day and then exceeding beyond their expectations for the game. Most people fit into this category. 

Of thinking about having sex so much, but not getting that much of it. So when the time comes to go out, maybe by sheer coincidence a friend asks them to go out. They go expecting nothing, yet end up meeting someone. This happens due to getting in that state of mind, where your thinking is so perfectly aligned, that your totally”De-tached“, from expecting results. You've released your desire , unconsciously to the Universe and end up receiving.

Most of us, can relate to this set of circumstances. Always thinking about relationships not getting too many, then end up getting one beyond our expectations. So your basically making perfect use of the “Laws of Attraction”, without even knowing, that your perfectly using them.

Now the last group are the ones, that don’t even have to think about having relationships, but end up getting too many. These people have not only crossed that “invisible border”, but have no interest in ever going back to find it, to cross back over again. They are loaded with that” Sexual Magnetism”. They have that mind state, working 24/7. They are so perfectly aligned with the idea of having relationships, that they don’t ever think about it, because it seems natural to them. They just know, if they act a certain way, they’ll magnetically attract people for relationships. 

These people are all loaded with that “Dark Energy” that contains all the right magnetic powers of attraction. It is like a calling card to the “Dark Energy” in others. It calls out to mate, to meet and join together. It happens on such a deep, deep unconscious level of mind, that there exists no explanation for the processes, that are actually taking place. If your a regular person and are glad that you seem to be successful with members of the opposite sex, on a regular /average basis, you can consciously explain why this is so. The people totally based in “Dark Energy” are akin to vampires, coming out at night to feed off one another. It is a raw animal energy, a  beast almost that needs to come out and be fed. Sexual Magnetism and the real unstoppable power of it, is like a tornado. 

A force that can not be controlled. You see, you have to really want to dive, into that type of power. If you wonder why some people are so successful at attracting people for relationships, it’s because they have no problem with the idea of having this dark, uncontrollable force inside themselves force that you, almost  have to go out and get fed. Exactly like a person that changes into a werewolf on a full moon. If your not totally successful on a deep level of “sexual magnetism”. 

It’s because you have apprehensions about going deeper, into the root core of sexual magnetism and dealing with a force, that is something like out of a science fiction story.Something dark, something powerful. Something that can not be described and explained, but only mimicked through nlp dating techniques, which only dance around the surface of the real undercurrent of sexual magnetism power that lies, underneath.

To be truthful, anybody can transform , into a “SEX GOD”. You just have to be willing to take the plunge, 100%, into that infinite pool of magnetic, dark energies. You will never tame it, you will have to transmute it or fall into a routine of constantly feeding it, like a vampire crawling out of the grave at midnight.

Like Darth Vader, from Star Wars,” Come over to the dark side“. I've known guys that were so successful at picking up women, yet when I’d ask them why they were so successful they didn't have a clue. Due to their excessive dark natures,they were just un-consciously irresistible to very, attractive women. It was this “Dark Energy”, that really seductive women can not resist. Impossible!, they love it. At their base nature, they all crave it. 

It’s beyond conscious understanding. Just like the guys that I knew, who were always attracting women, the answer to why they always attracted hot women was “unexplainable”. It just happened. All of us have seen it and all of us have marvelled at this process taking place, yet could never understand, what exactly was taking place. There are no scientific facts for it. Forget about phero-mones, etc. Activate the dark energies as much as you can stand it and you will transform. Just remember, that you now have a general idea same as myself, how “Sexual Magnetism” is truly created.