Beyond Body & Mind

Many humans reach a crossroads of self-awareness. Are you going to stay focused on the mind, its linear thought and holographic projections or, open to realize you are infinite, eternal consciousness having an experience ? The multi-dimensional self moves effortlessly into different realms of consciousness. This perceiver is not the thinker.

People are educated to ingest ideas. Why ? Is it because they are ill-equipped to deal with facts directly ? Why avoid abstractions ? The abstractions of time and thought are the root cause of fear. Let go and liberate the soul. 

The point of perception you choose transforms everything from your mental focus to your state of being. Control systems of education, media, religion and social infrastructure condition people to live based on logical thinking and to focus on limited, mind-body perception. What if you choose to shift inward to paths of higher awareness ?

You may forget different kinds of realities exist beyond the visible spectrum, beyond where you are taught to focus physical perception. To be conscious beyond body-mind, you are willing to open to possibilities unseen, without points of reference.  In essence, you are ready to sense something in nothing: a new stage of Cosmic Synchronicity.