Expanding Your Options

To think you are at a crossroads in your life is a breakthrough. Raise awareness. Consider expanding your options;

Accept that your beliefs about yourself and the world are incomplete. Beliefs are self-created and accepted limitations. Who you are (unlimited being) has no-thing to do with beliefs.

 Be willing to deepen understanding of yourself and the world.  Whether you understand or not makes no difference to Truth.  The panorama expands when you do not believe or disbelieve.

Be open to recognizing new possibilities. Only in openness can clarity emerge. Only then do you act as a mirror and no longer distort the bigger picture. You are now ready to see it.

 Let go of barriers (prejudices) that block deeper vision.  Notice options are unlimited unless fear gets in the way. Courageously examine new possibilities. Get out of the way.

 Embrace core Nature. This implies always being honest with yourself, listening closely to intuition, feeling your way through life. Know that how you live can reflect your highest view of love and compassion or deny it. Love. Infinite options to love exist.