Hidden Key

Every moment, you have your finger on the hidden key to your own transformation. You can only ever reveal this to yourself. Be aware of a feeling of avoidance. Recognize when you feel sensitive. Every feeling is a pointer, a guide to true nature.

As you cease to take things personally, a new kind of seeing starts to emerge. What you see is what you are. Who or what is hiding ? Go deeper. Discover who is here when your individualized personality and perceived issues are not. When will what matters most to others matter the most to you?

Consider the possibility you do not experience different personalities, but different bodies in different lifetimes which experience the same universal lessons. You cannot escape looking deeply into yourself forever. Illusions are dissolving. Celebrate the journey to love deeper than ever before. Appreciate everyone you meet. Each one is a version of you bringing you closer to the heart.  Every moment and breath is an expression of love. Love yourself in response to all you feel.