Inspirational Flow

This moment is an opportunity to access and unleash more untapped energy of your true being. Explore how it feels to let the inspiration flow. 

Look at it this way: everything you do is a kind of creative expression that begins in you but not everything you do evokes peace, tranquility and joy. Reflect on what you think is "work", what is necessary or not and why. Conditioned beliefs prompt making choices that do not resonate with soul.

Being aware of how you feel and allowing intuition to be your guide opens up whole new worlds of opportunities. Yet first, you have to be willing to acknowledge what does not feel right. You have to bravely take an honest look at your life, acknowledge  discomfort and allow related situations, relationships and communities fade from your scope of experience.

After all, everything is energy. You are a bridge that allows energy to flow, suppresses energy or constricts its movement. Take a moment to view everything in terms of energy and watch your perception change.