Nature's Seeds

Some people wait in vain for their lives to start. For them, its like waiting for a bus that never comes. Success, as they dream it, is not something that can simply appear. Now, other people think they'll stumble on success like a discarded newspaper that someone used and left for someone else to benefit from. This sort of success wouldn't last. It wouldn't really be yours. You would borrow it. True success requires effort and vision and doesn't simply happen by chance.

Powerful ideas for success must grow from a seed to be nurtured into workable conditions. As you develop personal skills, experience and wisdom, these tools can't be taken from you. They will always be yours so you can use them to enrich your life and the lives of others. Your will to move forward is what shapes the process of developing your success.  Concentrate on what is unique about your own learning process. What could other people learn from your life ? 

When you have both the desire and the will to succeed, you will discover sources of lasting contentment. The will to be content with your pursuit  must be more than a wish.  Intense, inner drive must move you. Obtaining tangible things will not ensure you create inner joy. It has been said that once you tap into your sources of inner joy, once you clarify your inner vision and build on it, then, other things that contribute to your sense of personal success will simply appear.