To rationalize is to reason. To explain keeps you confined in the head. Notice what happens as you feel your way through justification. You sense selective awareness. That is, you are allowing the mind to block out what is real. What you think you want to hear is not the vibration felt in the heart and soul. Ask self why you want to feel anything other than love and acceptance. Be out of the mind.

Amidst the mental noise, the active inner judge and surface emotions, you hear phrases such as; "It's REALLY nothing!" ; It was ONLY nothing!"; "Nothing TRULY matters." ; Nothing ACTUALLY makes sense!" ; "Nothing is the end of me!". Ask yourself who or what is interpreting 'nothing'? Who gives meaning to nothing ? Do you detect irony, cynicism, or fear ? This is not what is here.

Go beyond the tactics of the mind. Nothing is quiet, reserved, humble. It simply observes.

Recognize nothing real is ever threatened and the unreal is never real or threatening.