This Is Now

This is now. It is beyond time and space. To exist now is to know one is always in the moment. Consider when you skype and on-line chat with people apparently in different countries time-zones. Consider when you listen to archived radio shows or recorded audios and videos. The interaction is always in the now. 

Your physical body is a cellular memory. It grounds itself in perceptions of events that are imagined on a timeline.  Allowing direct experience to unfold is to see being and allowing are inseparable. Allowing energy to flow is to feel you are being and it is you.

One is unlimited now. To fully embrace this is to allow fearful thoughts of not having, not being, to drop away. To think about anything other than now is not an issue unless you decide this is real. Thoughts about sequential events act as points of reference during perceived moments. Yet, one is always present here and now. 

To merge consciously in the now is to resolve, in this moment, any thoughts that would have you believe you are less than you are. Wholeness is synonymous with now. All is perfect.