Whatever people are doing around you, this doesn't mean you have to think like them or behave like them. You can decide to change the view you have of yourself. Did you ever begin to expect positive personality changes in your life ? People may overlook you and your many efforts. Yet, if you keep doing the right thing, your life is going to unfold in ways you may never have thought possible. Amidst all of this, would you have animalistic tendencies ?

Some people begin to compare themselves to an animal based on personality traits. You may hear people may call themselves or others: "lazy as a sloth," "forgetful as a goldfish," "slow as a snail," "sly as a fox," "vain as a peacock," "unpredictable as a chameleon," "neurotic as a male hyena" or, "talkative as a parakeet." These particular comparisons are criticisms that don't bolster positive thinking. 

Why would we go so far as to reinforce the negative with such vivid visual examples ? Would it be a desire to drive the self-doubt home ? Why might you associate yourself with creatures you don't really like ? This may signal that deep down, you don't like aspects of yourself. Why not turn the tables so that a positive side shines through? 

Comparisons with some animal and insect personality traits can indeed be very uplifting and complimentary. You may have heard, "wise as an owl," "industrious as an ant," "loyal as a dog," "conscientious as a chimpanze," "graceful as a swan," "social as a butterfly," "soar like an eagle" or, "improvise like a grasshopper." These views reflect compliments which carry over to enable people to feel good.

As you realize you have choices and free will, you can step back and visualize the traits you believe you have hidden inside or would like to develop. You evolve into how you think. You can envision 'the new you' by making comparisons with animals and personality traits you admire. If you desire to become a more effective communicator, decide you will.  

Seek out desirable situations. Decide to be "happy as a clam." Extroverts hone their social skills. It enables them to "transform like a dragonfly." The opposite effect may happen with introverts who decide to be "quiet as a mouse," "invisible as a spider web" or "uncomfortable as a fish out of water."

What does all this mean, you ask ? It draws attention to not only the choices of words we use to describe ourselves, but also the complex ways we go about clarifying how we see ourselves and others. Whether or not animal and insect personalities offer insight into human personalities is less important than the perception we and societies have of such comparisons. 

Its useful to recall animal personalities have more than one side. More than one trait or personality associated is associated with each animal. As you review the influences on your mindset, you might consider the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac.