As you awaken to how the game of life is played, you can choose not to be stuck in one way of thinking or doing. To shift from an old paradigm to a new paradigm expands perspective.

Old paradigms suggest the answers are limited and found outside self in someone supposedly more knowledgable. External authorities and books related to this mindset prompted action. One often assumed one was powerless.

The new message paradigm is you are empowered with untapped inner wisdom. The shifting of vital energy fields means you view and experience energy differently. You refer to guides but also learn to trust yourself more.  

You sense higher frequency energy that is more inclusive and expands a sense of higher consciousness. You can learn to detach from restrictive ideas and focus on intuition. Practical experience shows you what matters. Learn inner self is a timeless teacher;

1) Take responsibility for personal health and well-being.

2) Notice when body gets sick, it is sending you a message. Rather than take a pill to mute the symptoms, learn to listen.

3) Pay attention to what every situation invites you to learn.

4) Raise awareness to know you choose how to think & feel. 

5) Ancient cultures & quantum physics echo inner realities.

6) You predict the outcome of an experiment before you do it.

7) Spirituality and consciousness empower you immeasurably.