Awakening To Love

Love can't betray you because it has nothing to do with possession. Any person who acts in such a way as to betray love is actually betraying something deeper inside about the self.  Ask yourself what potential lies within you that isn't being explored in your relationships. Why do you withhold ? Is this a clue to forgotten fears ? 

When it comes to love, some people experience it and others don't. No force or person can draw it out of you. You can pretend you love someone and get used to that person, but is that the same as love ? To live in compliance with someone, to create a life with them even if you sense a nagging emptiness, suggests something significant is missing. 

Love can awaken repressed energy. To love freely is to encourage people around you to love openly as well. What does this mean ? As you learn to give free reign to your imagination, as you learn to take chances in relationships and tell the difference between pleasure and pain, you will experience different stages. Love gives your life meaning. It is also a new kind of test. 

Love gives you the courage to take risks and to throw your life off balance. Don't be afraid to make choices that aren't on a map. It's precisely through such experiences that you develop deeper compassion and move forward to allow stronger love to emerge. Remind yourself what is right before your eyes.  The joy of being alive. Is that not a true manifestation of a miracle ? 

The euphoria at your fingertips leads to unanswered questions. In order to understand the powers of love accessible inside, let negative thoughts surface; expectations, doubt, fear, and eliminate them. Learn to feel good, to accept who you are and learn how you can connect with others.  Secrets will be revealed.