Make Things Happen

Every experience is an exercise in being empowered. You either choose to engage in invigorating and life-affirming activities or not. Notice talkers and doers exist as well as unmotivated or indecisive people and complainers. Your thoughts, behavior and whether or not you take action determines whether you consciously empower yourself.

Take a moment to step back and reflect your most appealing vision of yourself. Where are you and what are you doing ? How do you see yourself in six months, One year ? Three years ? Five years ? How does it feel to be in these conditions ?

Right now, you focus on what you love or shift to focus on obstacles that justify why you are not loving  what you do and all you are. There is a big difference. This is felt by the entire universe and reflected back to you in your direct experience.

Know you have the power to make things happen in your life. How can you commit and get busy doing just this ? Be observant of your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Notice any discomfort and fatigue and recognize these are pointers to what you are not seeing. Options reveal themselves.