Proactive Thinking

You may know people who complain about what they're not doing rather than focus on what they can. I've heard people express they know they should eat differently, exercise more, sleep longer, be more diligent or committed to what means the most to them, and finally finish a project they start. Yet, these sorts of people reinforce their negative thinking and never seem to change. They are talkers and not doers. They would prefer to complain about where they are rather than try new things and face a fear of failure or re-experience past failures. They may sometimes seem to drain your energy because they look backwards and not forwards.

More people talk about taking action than actually get out in the world and make a difference. What would compel you to go that extra step ? If you're not satisfied with your relationship, what are you doing to change that ? If you're unhappy with your work situation, what will you be doing as of tomorrow morning that will help you move closer to what you wish to do ? If you're the type of person to regret the past, what would cause you to learn and apply lessons to your future ? If its easy for you to self-criticize and judge, what might you do instead to focus on learning to feel good rather than increase the negative thoughts that make you feel bad ?

You may have been asked, "if you were given only 6 months to live, how would you live life differently that you do now ?" Many people would abruptly stop certain things they would suddenly consider a waste of time. They would spend money differently. They would express how they truly feel. They would devote time to loved ones or do those things they had been putting off. Now why would you wait until your life was almost over in order to really begin to live ?

How you see your life now is your point of departure. You are in control. If you continue to make choices you know are bad for you, recognize that you're the only person who can ultimately decide to change that. If you have developed habits that harm yourself or others, you have the option to ask for assistance. If you feel discouraged, you can always reach out to sources of encouragement. Its possible to learn to motivate yourself to change your life for the better. As you learn to visualize positive developments, this will lead to proactive thinking.