Self Empowerment

You won't be more successful when you get a new job, find a better relationship, experience a different lifestyle, move to a new city, win the lottery or, stumble upon more reciprocal friendships. Success doesn't come in waiting. It is experienced in becoming aware of your character, accepting who you are, and all you can be.

Don't wait for a situation to make you feel happy or complete or fulfilled. Don't go assuming a single person or opportunity can transform your life. Ask yourself whether you have been accepting people and situations as they are or, is it time for you to embrace change ? You're not here to change the world. You're here to remember why you're here. That means, accessing your core self and embracing it.

Success is something you know as you learn to love yourself. It comes through empowerment and recognizing you live your life on your own terms with all the consequences that come with free will. The truth of the matter is that you go through periods of advancement. You learn what it means to take two steps forward and three steps back. You discover the power of love is far greater than the power of fear or the power of anything else you permit to have a hold on you.

Unless your heart is open, unless you are seeking in your own life to move past what you have experienced before, the kinds of people you have permitted to hold you back and the kinds of conditions that muffle your personality, will continue to hold you back. You will not put yourself in situations where you can manifest and exemplify your most loving potential. At any given moment, decide whether you will accept people and conditions with an open, forgiving heart.