Old Habits Die Hard

Wherever you are, you might not yet feel as though you're embracing your destiny as fully as you could be. You may readily accept doing things you aren't passionate about. You may devote time to activities that do nothing for you. You may wonder when you'll finish even before you start. Ever hear the phrase, "old habits die hard ?"

When how you choose to live your life doesn't stimulate your enthusiasm, doesn't inspire you, it can seem monotonous, pointless, even down-right boring at times. Some things may have become habits. Ever meet a person who doesn't know the meaning of the word "boring ?" Do they glow with happiness or limitless energy ?

You need not continue to live as you have been. As you examine your life and become aware of certain choices that don't work for you, this is a sign its time for a different outlook.  

All you need to do is re-train your mind. It requires some effort and a little discipline. Think of it this way: you are who you are because you think how you thought. You are where you are in life because of choices you made in the past. This said, life will evolve, but only when you're ready.

If some aspect of your life is getting you down, then that's where you need to focus new kinds of attention. You can listen to motivational tapes, go to seminars, read uplifting books, write and state affirmations aloud. All these kinds of things can positively affect your attitude. What else might you explore ? How you think about yourself is projected into your life choices.  Who you spend time with and how they treat you reflects whether or not you value and respect yourself.  

Granted, its unlikely a career can be changed overnight or, a relationship will evolve differently at the snap of your fingers. If your health has been in flux, you may not have an immediate recovery. However, adopting the mindset that your situation can change will make all the difference. 

Ask yourself these three questions:

1) What do I really want out of life ?

2) Who can I contact/interact with who motivates and excites me ?

3) Where will I seek wisdom and lessons from outside myself ?