The Universe's Playground

Human existence means different things to different people. Souls acknowledge different levels of perception. That you are aware of certain things about yourself serves your agenda. That explains why you choose to be as aware as you are (or not) right now.

Any connection you feel to the supernatural is what you are currently willing to sense and accept. Paranormal suggests "different" than normal. What is your view of 'normal ?' If you tap into your dormant, heightened sensitivities, your overall experiences expands.   

Believe it or not, most everyone can expand their senses. Some humans shy away or fear their own potential. Other humans just don't choose to use it. Yet, all people who consciously experience their own hidden truth experience it in very personalized forms.

Many ways of being, sensing and discerning mean many kinds of existence are themselves constantly expanding, changing and transforming. Those human beings who choose to transform evolve to sense they feel a bit like a kaleidoscope in motion. 

Imagine yourself like a perpetually-growing, underwater reef with ever-changing colors and textures and components. Do you dare embrace the truth beyond ? Do you choose to read about magical creatures or stretch your perception to interact with them directly ?

Before you start to awaken the sceptic within, you might consider a different approach. From the moment you take responsibility for your perception, you begin to step outside the confines created by everyone else. Choose to discover the universe's playground.