State Of Being

Regardless whether you consciously realize it or not, you imagine gaps in your life, in identity, and a kind of distance between where you are and where mind would like you to be. What if you awaken to how the real you already reaches that distant shore and never leaves ?

One perspective of the dream is that as you choose to close the gap, you consciously know only one shore or state of being actually exists. All the while, the mind echoes a very different message. Recall state of mind is not awareness of state of being.

People are conditioned to hope for success in their actions. Yet not everyone remembers the difference between action and non-action. Sense how it feels to know non-action within action, and action within non-action. Dis-attach from outcomes and choose to depend on nothing. To be content with whatever life brings is to consciously close the gap and not be imprisoned by mind or action. Be free.