You may refer to mentors as individuals who have done things you might wish you had done or, wish you could do. There is another way to view people who inspire and motivate you. After all, they are leading back to your deepest inspiration, that is, you ! The better you feel, the more you know you are allowing energy to flow. You are reminding yourself that you know your purpose. Mentors guide you back to yourself. 

As you decide to raise your awareness, you zero in on the implications of your thoughts. The energy vibration reflects how you feel about yourself where you are. You are inspired to travel a certain distance in this lifetime. I do not mean geographical distance as you would describe it. Rather, I mean the distance between where you are in your mind and where you would experience better feeling thoughts.

Every person you encounter is a teacher. Even beings you do not see are guiding, protecting and inspiring you in ways you do not yet register. You are constantly rediscovering and expanding on your own potential. You learn from how other people think and act, whether what they do transforms their lives, and if so, how. 

Why is it you are drawn to certain people ? Who stands out and what do they teach you about yourself ? It is not because you desire to become them or necessarily do what they do,  although this is what you convince yourself early in the piece. You desire to have more faith in what the heart knows. Good feelings are closest in vibration to perceived freedom. Be aware of those and transform your life from inside out. Be on your way.