Process Of Elimination

If you are ready and willing to make life changes, then you are also learning to live by your decisions. Before you will be in an informed position, you have to learn to be aware of how and why you think. Whatever you are doing right at this moment, offers you lessons in faith and courage. How do you discern and integrate them into your life ?

To believe in self-improvement may lead you to assume you have things wrong with you. In this way, the self-growth concept may be viewed as destructive. Yet, it is not necessary to criticize and degrade yourself in order to expand and strengthen the soul. In fact, you do this unconsciously already. To live according to your decisions would bring it to a conscious level. To think and feel with deliberate intent transforms you.

Each time you devise a solution or action, part of you responds with an excuse and other parts of you are receptive. Which parts do you choose to hear ? It is possible you know someone who relives the same problems or situations.  This may sound like you. Maybe you resist or hesitate to act on advice. Do you ignore that inner voice of guidance ? Why is it that people hold back from what they sense is right ? How does this serve you ?

Evolution is not a straight line. You have latent or dormant abilities in the soul. You have not even begun to unveil the extent of your faculties and potential. Whether or not you realize, you are building on yourself all the time; how and what you perceive and your chosen focus. You constantly decide to explore new possibilities for self-expression. 

Each decision you make to detach from your own perception of trouble, discomfort and imperfection, is another step toward realizing your true nature. Life experience teaches you that you learn better what feels good by discovering what does not. You learn which jobs and relationships build you up or not as the result of knowing the opposite. In this way, part of you has decided to live by a process of elimination.