Self-acceptance is

 A decision that allows you to be your authentic self.
A belief that you’re worthy and valuable “as is,” right now.
A choice that enables you to trust your feelings, take risks, be happy now and have faith that things will always work out.

Nine simple ehowtwo steps for accepting and loving yourself. 

1. Make it a practice to enjoy and live life in the moment. Appreciate each day. Let go of busyness and hyperactivity. Now is the most important time of your life. Let go of what you have to “do” and choose how to “be.” Learn to be your own best friend. Enjoy yourself and your life. 

2. Identify with your higher self. You are not your successes or your failures. You are not your habits or your mistakes. You are not your past or your stories. There is nothing about you that is broken. There is nothing to fix. Your essence is goodness and love. You are a miracle. You are whole and complete just as you are. 

3. Hit delete. Replace your negativity with high quality thoughts. It's mean to belittle, judge or punish yourself. Let go of self-put downs. Learn to think well of yourself. Treat yourself with gentleness and compassion.

4. Learn to trust yourself. Do what you say you’re going to do. Use your intuition or inner wisdom to dissolve any problems. Keep your promises and speak your truth. Integrity wipes out doubt, anxiety and fear. As you trust yourself, you learn to trust all of life.

5. Say "yes." You either accept or reject yourself all of the time. There is no in between. Poor self-care and ignoring your needs are acts of rejection. Learn to say "yes" to yourself. "Yes" to healthy living. "Yes" to self-honoring. "Yes" to self-kindness. "Yes" to goodness and pleasure.

6. Forgive yourself. Accept that you will never be perfect. Making mistakes is a part of life. Give yourself permission to begin again. Give yourself a clean slate. When you do, your entire life and spirit shift and you restore not only your happiness but an awareness of your inestimable value.  

7. Feel good. Self-acceptance feels good. When you feel good, you notice, accept and attract more abundance into your life. Your heart opens, your cup overflows and life feels amazing. 

8. Focus on your strengths. Praise yourself for what you do right and what you get right. Learn to praise and talk lovingly to yourself. What if you did that for the rest of your life ? How would your self-image change ?

9. Help others. Mahatma Gandhi once said that “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Be kind, volunteer your time and help others get ahead. 

It is through service that you will discover your passion and place in the world. When you share from your heart, the gifts you give are multiplied. There is always enough to go around and you discover what really matters. 

Self-acceptance is about connection. When you connect with yourself, you simultaneously connect with more energy, more love and more joy. Life becomes magical.