A Whole New Level

If you do not feel motivated or inspired, your spirit is sick. You have not yet discovered what is huge for you, what can shift awareness and more. 

To transform like never before, consider nine ehowtwo tips to reach a whole new level.

1. Establish goals.
You have to have goals to have direction, momentum and measurables to have accountability. The things that are outside your comfort zone are the things that achieve your success. If achieving goals was easy, everyone would reach them easily. 

2. Get over your childhood wounds.
You may live in hopelessness, victim hood,  fear. You may be used to blaming your past for your present. This is the moment to get over this mental hurdle and get on with what you exist to do.  

3. Deprogram the programming.
People are programmed to hesitate, doubt, talk themselves out of doing what feels right, what would propel them forward. Those who are successful are willing to be embarrassed, rejected, to look foolish.  

4. Most rules are made to be broken
Be willing to ask for what you want. Pull all the stops.  

5.  Know everything is possible.
Most people do not choose to focus intently on what they want because they think it is not possible. Be willing to do whatever it takes. Trust. Act. Stay up later. Get up earlier. Talk and act as if. To experience massive success in the material world requires courage to set the bar high and be unafraid to get over it.  

6.  Tune into whatever brings you the greatest joy.
If everyone did the thing they are designed to do, then everyone would be happy, the world would be in harmony. This is about trusting yourself. The best advice is to focus on what makes you feel most alive.

7.  Meditate.
In silence, recognizing what feels good, that is, tuning into your feedback system, you give yourself pointers about what feels best to you.

8.  Know the world is plotting to do you good.
Challenges arise because the universe wants to test you, wants you to earn the reward you crave like the carrot dangling at a distance the end of the fishing line. How committed are you? Knowing adversity makes you more human, more believable to your audiences and clients.

9.  Focus on Impact & Legacy.
Changing the world or making a difference can bring money. Action without awareness is not enough. Impact in the world that matters requires momentum. We need to take action. Create on-line podcasts, on-line training programs, teach, do speaking engagements, explore uses of evolving technologies. Experiences teach better than concepts.