Master Yourself

Its common to feel unfulfilled and also to underestimate your power to change. Do you ever wonder if this life has more to offer, and if so, how to get a handle on it ? It is the perfect moment to pay closer attention.

Only as you get to know yourself inside out does the bigger picture begin to take shape. Only then are you in position to consciously transform. 

Consider five ehowtwo tips to master yourself (or at least begin the process)

1.Notice the monkey mind.
The monkey mind is engaged in imitating or distracting. As long as the mind clings to belief, copies and adopts what it sees, it creates and perpetuates its own prison. An unestablished mind is highly influenced, ungrounded and unable to see clearly. Conscious attention is shifted to focus on unnecessary moments or situations. Thoughts and emotions can escalate, disrupt natural balance and feeling centered.

2.Grow aware of unconscious behavior.
Stepping back allows observing your own unconscious behavior. This is about witnessing how you behave when you think nobody is watching. This is not about judging. Its about simply growing aware of what you are doing and the underlying reasons or conditioning for it. Being compassionate helps it grow clearer how you inhabit space. You may choose to videotape yourself and watch it play back. What is apparent ?

3.Read your body language.
Your body is the physical embodiment or manifestation of your unconscious attitudes, intents and desires. Observe yourself when alone and with others. How do you sit ? What is your posture ? Do you lean or slouch ? How do you carry your head and the rest of your body ? Observations tell you about your attitudes, intents and desires. How you move, and where you place yourself in relation others, says a lot.

4.Deepen the personal inventory.
Branch out from mental chatter, body language and verbal communication. Ask yourself, how and why am I showing up ? Am I typically expressive, well-spoken or at a loss for words ? Am I allowing a range of emotions to flow though and be experienced or I am limiting my feelings ? Am I generally active or passive ? Do I appear confident ? Keep a daily diary of what stands out and also what is changing.

5.Create a well-established mind.
A well-established mind  has a handle on the four directions of an integrated system. This whole system includes your mind, your body, your emotions, your energies. When your thoughts, words and actions are in harmony, you experience harmony in your external perception.