Embracing Pain

Pain It frightens us. There is nothing we fear more than pain. Physical pain. Mental anguish. Spiritual loss. It’s the same. It’s all Hurt. Though fear is an emotion we create ourselves, pain is real. We feel pain on every level of our being. It’s a part of life. We can’t avoid it. As much as we try, we cannot escape pain. I’m going to say that again . . . We cannot escape pain.

So get that through your head. Pain is unavoidable. Since we can’t escape pain, then we had better just learn to deal with it. Better yet, we had best learn to embrace it. That’s right . . . embrace it.
Pain is not your enemy. Pain is there to guide you, just as your fear guides you. If you are ready, your pain will lead you to a new beginning.

In truth, there is no beginning without pain. Pain is the catalyst. It marks the end of one and the start of another. Pain is birth. In other words, pain is required for growth. You will never be able move beyond your world-now until you are able to accept and utilize your pain. You need to Hurt. So go on. Feel it. Hurt. Look inside. You know where the pain lies. It’s there. Look at it. See your pain for what it is. And feel it. As much as you have been avoiding it, the Hurt wants to be seen. It wants to be uncovered. It’s not there to hold you back. 

Only you can do that. Your pain is there waiting. Waiting to be found. Waiting to help you. If only you let it. It can’t help you if you won’t accept it. So Hurt. Just Hurt. It’s ok if you get scared. It’s ok if you cry. There’s no shame. This is for you and you only. 

The pain marks your rebirth. Give it the due it deserves.