Seeing And Believing

Our sense of sight is such an incredibly powerful source of input that we believe what we see even if everyone else thinks we are crazy. Once a picture has been uploaded to our brain, as far as we are concerned, it represents reality. We can use this analogy to illustrate a powerful personal development tool that we all came hardwired with.

You see, the human mind is programmed to work in pictures, not words. Your mind prioritizes those pictures according to the emotional value you have attached to each one. The greater the emotional value the higher the priority.

So, much like the pictures that enter our mind through our eyes, the mental pictures we create in our heads, and the value we assign to them will determine their significance.

-Higher priorities get greater focus-
Because the mind is only creative, it always strives to manifest whatever seems most important according to your established order of priority.

Positive personal development occurs when we learn to control both the type of mental images we allow ourselves to dwell on and their relative priority. This might sound complicated but it really comes down to this; your mind will do it’s best to bring about whatever you tell it is already real. If you already see it and you already feel it, then as far as you mind is concerned, it already exists, it is reality.

-See it in your mind-
When you set a goal, it is vital that you create a  mental image of your intended result and then hold that image as often as possible. That’s no secret, right? We call it visualization and we know that visualizing programs your nervous system to recruit the resources needed to manifest that result.

You have heard the phrase “seeing is believing” and that is especially true with respect to your minds eye. In fact, you could say of the mental images that affect your personal development, that “seeing and believing” are two of the three essential elements for manifesting our intended results.

What else is needed ?
The fuel that drives your personal development power source is emotional, not just mental or physical. So, visualization becomes a much more powerful personal development tool when you add an emotional component. To manifest your desired outcome, you’ve got to get your feelings involved.

While visualizing, connect with all the positive feelings associated with that mental picture. Attach those positive feelings to that vision so that the two are inseparable. Feel the joy and sense of accomplishment that achieving that personal development goal will bring you.

-Ramp up your personal development-
The stronger your emotional attachment, the faster your life will rearrange itself to create that desired outcome and the more motivated you will be to take action and make it happen. So, in personal development, seeing and believing, fueled by feeling will bring the fastest and most rewarding results.