The more you choose to trust and listen to your intuition, the more you are Soul-driven. You see, intuition is the Soul language. The Soul does not communicate in words as the ego-mind, but rather is felt as vibes, or urges to make certain choices without always understanding why.

Reflect on what its like to tune into feelings. This practice is often forgotten and over-ridden by the logic of the mind. Perhaps you contemplate a change in some area of your life. Whenever doubt arises, or and fear-based thinking, this is distracting you from feeling the way into the best choice now. As you allow intuition to be your reliable guide, you ease into greater fearlessness. 

Notice how you feel when you act on your gut and how you feel when you doubt your intuition. What if the more you surrender to intuition, the more the universe gives you reason to trust ? 

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