Human Vibrations

Many people base their life choices on conditioning or conclusions passed down through generations. To experience things in a physical body and to take in info through certain senses seems logical. This mindset creates low vibration.

Yet, what happens when you discover physical perceptions do not explain everything ? What happens when invisible, indescribable forms of energy and other mysterious concepts awaken unwavering faith ? What happens to beliefs then ?

The result is a genetic unfolding beyond anything you have yet experienced or imagined. The divinity in humanity is awakening. You move beyond believing you are a simple mammal with a mind, beyond believing you are a powerless creature unable to find your own answers. You move beyond limitations ingrained about capacities and physical senses.

The higher vibration of your being is gathering momentum.  You are choosing to break free from physical conditioning and to recognize the nature of your own belief systems. As you undo misconceptions about the past, you dissolve misplaced beliefs and stop defining miracles experienced in the present.