Time Traveler

Every moment, we think and create a time-space reality that comes into being. Many realities exist that you do not choose to experience. They remain outside your scope of awareness or conscious recognition. Consider that when you believe strongly in something, you dream about it and convince yourself it exists. 

During childhood, this may include fairies, dragons and enchanted beings. Later in life, your focus tends to shift. Yet those who believe in fairy-tales at any age recognize capacity to experience them on their terms.

Even now, as you reconnect with the love you are, you recall you exist in a world dependent only on how you consciously feel. Nothing affects your feelings unless you choose. As you reach that place where you gain control of how you feel, you can imagine and allow yourself to make choices to deliberately write the history of your future. 

In other words, you have the capacity to transcribe a vision, focus your attention and work backwards as a time traveler. Feel it into being. Give it a go. Know it works already. Look back on what has unfolded and then align with feelings you associate with the result. As a modern magician, you create your own future in this present moment. Feelings tell you they are one in the same.