Just when you convince yourself of what it means to be normal, you discover paranormal events happen to normal people. This is apparent in the energy and enthusiasm with which stories are shared. It may also be noticeable in your own perception of existence. Nothing is ever the same. Ever wonder why this is ?

Paranormal events are those loosely described without definitive, and agreed upon scientific explanation. This is understood as things that happen outside what is conscious, familar and easily explained by the rational mind. Some people sense they began thinking with the heart, moved to the head and are in the process of reconnecting with heart awareness.

When a biological life form expands to a higher level of consciousness, it does so in part by reinforcing its sense of a past and connecting it with present to make sense of what is folding. Thus, paranormal is also viewed as normal.

Electromagnetic theory offers to explain paranormal events such as telepathy and seeing spirit energy. To sense energy fields involves subtle perceptions of feelings, emotions and other energies which differ from what you associate with dense energy. For example, people who experience NDEs are known to become more sensitive to different energy levels. Yet, they are not the only beings to sense non-verbal or other energies.

Consider the provocative impact of someone who reaches rock bottom in physical life. Then, a near death experience (NDE) opens doors to other worlds. To experience those other worlds and return to what you had before shifts perception of what you think or know. This prompts new levels of energy awareness.

Consider a voice in the dialogue of my Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within book. It reveals how each of us is given information from a higher self, that may be viewed as a spirit guide, an angel, an extra-terrestrial or something else. You go though stages of awareness where you sense wisdom is obtained from outside the self and arrive at a point where you can begin to access infinite, inner knowing.  

Consider how you sense changes are occurring within and around you. What would happen if you choose to record everything you perceive to be happening ? Much of what you hear that is normal or not is not based on your inner sight or intuition.  As you detach from what you are told is normal, you gradually come to realize it is actually something else. 

Another view of paranormal is to realize your internal points of reference are shifting. One result is your external perception shifts. Some people connect this to the unfolding, magnetic pole shift of Earth itself. Every human being has opportunities to learn to change certain things within the self in order to be more calm and balanced throughout altering perception.