Strengthen Inner Self

The spiritual nature of energy empowers you to create mental obstacles. You frame everything in psychological time as a wake up call. This reminds you what you are, invites you to purge patterns, to ignite the passionate soul-level dynamics, strengthen inner self, and to access your own inner secrets. 

The entire structure of consciousness and perception of possibility is expanding. As you realize the impact of perceived time on your life, you are invited to dissolve much of you that you have been taught. You can do so actively or passively, release reason and move ahead in a cloak of love or fear.

Consider the basic structure of reality is an atom. An electron microscope reveals an atom is 94.6% empty space. Thus, it is not surprising human beings now measure quantifiable mass in unseen dimensions than are not perceived by physical eyes. Soul consciousness or unseen light force moves outside the body.

As an energy being, you experience multiple dimensions now. You do so using technology, through interfaces like cell phones, dvds, internet and interfacing with light and sound waves. This is not related to intellect. You connect with different time zones, geographical places and far more. Energy exchanges are constant. You do not have to explain it to feel it. As you physically do things, you reconnect to your hearts center. Time shares it secrets as you listen to your true self. 

Time is compressing and reality is expanding. What does this mean ? It is already happening. You choose to be alive right now to display your individual power and presence. You have the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. Do it.