All Roads Lead Home

What opportunities are right in front of you ? If you feel off course more than you feel on course, you allow yourself to focus on doubt, fear and negative energy. Fortunately, you can be off course repeatedly and still reach an envisioned destination. All roads lead home.

Recognize these 10 things

1) If you believe you are on or off course, then you are right. 

2) Everyone has to define and feel his own way to success.

3) Dare dream your ideal. The how flows as creative inspiration while you draft the plans. 

4) Workable options always exist. Allow them to make that dream more real.

5) Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity. You make your own luck.

6) Within every challenge is an equal or greater benefit.

7) Whatever thought you devise, the universe is telling you how.  

8) You are already creating the ideal scenario. You are receptive to it or not.

9) Everything is possible to experience in a healthy and positive way.

10) You are about to recreate how everything unfolds in your physical life.