A Whole New Way Of Existing

When you feel that something is not working on your terms or timeline, you may feel frustrated. Its moments such as these where it pays to reframe events and recognize the genius of your brain's adaptive strategies. 

In order to grow aware of and accept your own sheer brilliance, it is  valuable to shift focus from negative energy and discomfort to grow aware of what is really going on. Ever wonder what the signs and signals of your body-mind are saying ? Ready to decode them ?

Consider the examples of; anger, depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, drug addiction, rashes, and self destructive behaviors and dysfunctional relationships. Every human being is wired for survival. The ego exists to self-protect. This is what the body and mind are up to as you repress, suppress and dissociate from what troubles you. Its part of the strategy.

When ready, you can retrain your brain, your mind as well as your palette for life just as you can shift which foods and flavors appeal to you. It takes time to be attracted to and enjoy foods, behaviors and experiences of what is natural and good without self-judgement. Get ready to embrace a whole new way of existing. Invite a new level of satisfaction.

From the moment you understand why you do the things you do, you are empowered  to make positive and lasting change. This applies to not only how you view yourself, but also how you interact in the world. As you let go and stop wanting things so badly, it seems miraculous yet suddenly, what you need comes to you without effort. Insight to ponder: what does surrender look and feel like in your life ? What could it look like as you embrace it more fully ?

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